Invest in Lapland – Creative Industries

Lappish creativity grasps inspiration from the landscape, its distinctive northern culture and a resilient hands-on mentality. A number of enterprises concentrating on audiovisual productions as well as networks for creative experts have centred in Lapland, meaning even large productions are realised with top-quality and precise schedules.

The strong concept of design, typical for Finns, provides extra value for products and services. For example, the Lappish tourism industry utilises service design means in the development of its own service products.

Professionals in the audiovisual sector, product and service design, and graphic design are provided education in the numerous higher education establishments that also implement wide-ranging innovative research in these fields.

We can in fact claim that top design is always incorporated in Lappish products, no matter if it is a question of photo shoot location, industrial products or tourism services. Why not make use of Arctic Design in your business?