Datacenter Rovaniemi

Arctic DataHouse

The centre of excellence focuses on all aspects of ICT security, where the interface is information technology or its applications. The cluster comprises several software companies that produce systems for the Ministry of the Interior and other public sector organizations. The Rovaniemi unit produces ICT services as part of the European Schengen border surveillance system.

A strong ICT security cluster is existing as a result of ICT Agency HALTIK being located in Rovaniemi. Enterprises in the field have provided jobs to hundreds of people. Education provided by the Lapland Universities supports workforce availability for enterprises in teh ICT security cluster. 

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Rovaniemi City

The capital of Lapland is located at the Arctic Circle. It is a dynamic and growing city, with a diverse, strong business structure. Rovaniemi is the logistic hub of northern Finland and is a route to the markets of Northers Europe ans Northwest Russia. The effective infrastructure and excellent transportation connections to anywhere in the world guarantees suoerhub, preconditions for success. Thanks to outstanding transport and traffic connections, important authorities and great services, Rovaniemi is an excellent base for operations in other parts of Lapland and the whole Barents Region.   

Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle is a line of latitude north of which the sun can be seen above the horizon even at midnight during the summertime. During the winter the sun stays below the horizon for a certain time. The current latitude of the Arctic Circle is approximately 66.5 degree North, but it moves north at a rate of around 15 meters a year. 


Arctic Alternative 

A built environment has plenty of unexploited waste heat. We have built a sustainable solution for utilising this waste heat. Datacenters are very significant consumers of electricity. In the processing of data, electrical energy is almost entirely transformed into thermal energy. The Arctic Alternative is to utilise the heat generated by the datacenters as a source of energy for the district heating network. This being the case, datacenters should be located close to housing areas, where the heating energy is used and effective utilisation of waste heat is made possible. 

Recover heat with intelligent district heating

Utilising waste heat from servers. Datacenters generate plenty of heat that is often directed out of the machine room. Wr offer a solution where the waste heat provided by a datacenter can be utilised in the local district heating network for heating buildings and water. Rovaniemi has a highly effective and eco-friendly district heating network. Using the Rovaniemen Energia solution enables a datacentre to operate as a producer of thermal energy and to receive income from seling its waste heat. 

Operating principles

We offer a solution whereby the waste heat generated by datacenters is recycled in the district heating networks of Rovaniemen Energia Oy. This operation achieves profitability and efficiency for both the producer of the waste heat energy and for Rovaniemen Energia Oy. The solution enables the datacenter company to convert its heat capacity into turnover, thereby significantly improving the profitabilit of its operations. 

Intelligent district heating

District heating is a form of heating in urban housing that has been used in Finland for already half a century. Current district heating productions in Finland is one of the best in the world. Finland's district heating has also been awarded significant international recognition for its energy efficiency. 

Rovaniemen Energia Oy is a district heating production company owned by the city of Rovaniemi providing a comprehensive district heating network in the city. District heating generates feel-good energy that benefits those living on the district heating network as well as the natural surroundings. By successfullt utilising waste energy, Rovaniemen Energia can consume less of other fuels, leading to a substantial reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. 

Who the solution is for?

The intelligent District Heating solution suits all customers who produce waste heat in their production processes.


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Site and building quota

  • New industrial area, 5 minutes from the city centre.
  • Site areas are 11.8 or 7.8 hectares, expandable up to 50 hectares, respective. building rights are 48,000 or 32,000 square meters, expandable up to 20 hectares (e=0.4).
  • The plot is flat and square-shaped.
  • Soil base of moraine or silt moraine. The soil in building area is clean and generally. suitable for industrial purposes.

Why Rovaniemi

  • Favourable natural conditions for making investments and especially beneficial climate for datacenters.
  • Strategic geographical position in the expanding markets, node-point connectivity. between East and West. 
  • University city's highly educated workforce. 
  • Fast growing ICT-cluster, platform for innovation.
  • Finland is one of the most competitive economies in the world, WEF Global Competitiveness Report.
  • Investor-friendly legislation.
  • Peaceful society with high happiness index.
  • International airpor.

Planning and permitting

  • Zoning and readiness fro construction: municipal infrastructure (electricity, water, sewage connections, etc.).
  • The site area consists of blocks and plots intended for industrial, warehouse and business use. Building permits can be issued in a month.

Site access

  • The nearest highway E75 is located one kilometer from the site.
  • Nearest community center is Rovaniemi, 5 minutes to the city center from the site.
  • Rovaniemi international airport is 12 km and rail connection 3 km from the site.
  • Rovaniemi international airport is 12 km and rail connections 3 km from the site.
  • Here you locate your server halls in central locations.
  • Avarage annual temperature is 0.4 celsius number of days over 25 degree celsius < 5.
  • Water cooling options, River Kemijoki, longest river in Finland.

Our strengths

  • Economic location to build and operate.
  • Waste heat.
  • District heating network on-site – an opportunity to sell surplus heat to the city's district heating networks.
  • Two separate electricity feeds, hydroelectric power plants (110 MW, 95 MW) and national power grid node makes site extremely reliable in respect to electricity.
  • Rovaniemi has a subarctic continental climate with cool summers. Our model makes it more financially viable to build a datacentre near a district heating network where even land is inexpensive.
  • On cold winter days one megawatt hour can be worth ten times as much as on an ordinary summer's day.
  • Cooling water is available in Kemijoki River, temperature during wintertime -0.0 degree celsius and in summertime +8 degree celsius.


  • Available power to the site is 10 MW, capacity is expandeble as high as necessary.
  • 110kV transmission lines, nearest 110 kV connection points 2.8 km from the site.
  • Rovaniemi is located by the River Kemijoki. There are two largest hydroelectric power plants between Valajaskoski 110 MW and Vanttauskoski 95 MW.
  • 13 MW Permantokoski Hydroelectric Power Plant located nearby.
  • The site's location between power plants enables a very high level of security in terms of electricity supply.
  • The location electricity supplier Rovaniemen Energia Oy offers reserve power for datacenters.

Major hazards

  • No natural risks
  • No adjacent hazardous industry