Simo-Karsikko Industrial Area

Europe´s only coastal area planned for industry is ready now for immediate use.

Planned industrial area coverage 125 hectares.


More info

  • Possibility for revision of local detailed plans
  • Possibility for construction of 440/110 kV power line
  • Possibility for construction of own 14-metre deep harbour
  • Traffic connections:
    - railway 10 km
    - E75 highway 4 km
    - airport 15 km
    - Kemi deep harbour 10 km
  • Excellent vocational education services in the region
  • Good manpower availability
  • Close to Sweden, Norway and Russia
  • Heavy wood processing industry in the vicinity
  • Europe´s largest stainless steel factory in the vicinity
  • Excellent Barents connections
  • High quality groundwater 600 m³/day
  • Functioning municipal engineering in place
  • For sale or hire

    The Municipality of Simo

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