Ylläs Wellness and Activity Resort

Winter Wonderland for People of All Ages 

Whatever season you choose for your visit, you can experience silence and peace of mind, skiing, culinary enjoyment, good company, fun and entertainment. Cultural, sports and recreational events are arranged year round in Lapland.

Sport Resort Ylläs Project is a 150 000 m² big resort development area located in Lapland, Finland. It is the biggest tourism real estate project in Lapland. Location above the Arctic Circle guarantees snow during the entire season (Nov-May). Ylläs is the biggest skiing resort in Finland and the third skiing resort by market share.

The total project plan includes 4 hotels, various apartments (known as chalets), a golf course and several leisure facilities. It will add + 230 % bed capacity to the village and expand the skiing slope capacity by + 60 %. There is direct access from the accommodation facilities to the slopes and most activities.

The developers are the founders of Sport Resort Ylläs and have created the destination from a small Lapp village over 30 years. The target is to be Northern Europe’s most desirable active holiday destination all year round by 2030. To make this vision come true, a project development plan with a total project value of ~ € 500–600m was established.

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Hotel development project

Permitted construction floor area:

Wellness Hotel 1, 28 000 m², preliminary building area reservation has been made and negotiations with investors are underway

Extreme Hotel, 12 000 m², 40 milj. €

Wellness Hotel 2, 6 200 m², 20 milj. €

Golf Hotel, 4 000 m²,+ golf course, together 20 milj. €