Levi – Finland’s largest tourist resort - is expanding to the Ylä-Levi area. This new, versatile area is located to the east of today’s resort centre. Activities in the Ylä-Levi area respond to Levi’s increasing international demand.

The centre of the area comprises a high-standard and compact pedestrian environment with easy access to recreational areas. Plots in the area have been designated for new hotels and dozens of chalet-type fell highland cabins and other buildings intended for accommodation, service and commercial premises. In addition, a plot has been reserved on the bottom of the ski slope for a sports hall.

The initial detailed local plan consists of a block comprising an area with two commercial properties and streets for regular vehicular traffic and light traffic and pedestrians. These areas can also incorporate housing and accommodation facilities.

The plan retains the artificial snow-maintained east – west aligned cross-country skiing track; the pedestrian precinct can be accessed on skis direct from the ski slopes.

The Municipality of Kittilä is responsible for the construction of infrastructure and selling of plots.


Finland’s leading tourist resort

Levi is Finland’s leading tourist resort that has experienced rapid growth over the past few years. The persistent development work over the years has produced excellent results and a good outlook for the future. The area has a wide range of different wintertime and summertime tourist activities. International interest in Levi and Lapland as a whole is continually on the increase.


In the heart of Barents region 

Kittilä is a municipality located in the Lapland region of just over six thousand inhabitants with great vitality and rapid growth. The municipality has the Levi tourist resort and the Kittilä Gold Mine. Kittilä also has an international airport with connections from Finland and abroad. 


Eye on the year 2020

According to Levi’s development plan, in 2020 Levi is northern Europe’s most appealing, international activity and experience centre offering a wide range of services based on nature and Lappish culture. The objective has been set at providing accommodation for 35,000 people. In 2020 Levi will offer year-round services and the principle target groups vary according to season. Levi is closely networked with other operators in Lapland to attain volume for international marketing and service offerings. The range of services available in the summer is large and includes attractive flagship products. In 2020, 50% of Levi’s clientele will come from abroad and service levels correspond to high international standards. Nature and landscape will be the most important appeal factors for tourism.


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More info

International holiday resort

• annual visitor numbers over 600,000 

• foreign tourists represent approximately 30% (2014)

• biggest target markets United Kingdom, Norway, Russia (2014)

• accommodation for 24,000 visitors

• 60 restaurants

• dining space for over 15,000 people

• annual income from tourism approximately 200 mEUR

• incoming flight passengers: approximately 235,000 annually (Kittilä Airport)

• around 200 enterprises operate in the area 


Total overnights stays in 2014:

• registered overnight stays 448,897 

• non-registered overnight stays total approximately 2,000,000

• 30% of all overnight stays are by foreign customers


Wintertime experiences

• Levi – Finland’s largest ski resort

• 27 ski lifts

• 43 downhill skiing slopes

• versatile routes, e.g. 230 kilometres of cross-country skiing trails, approximately 900 kilometres of snowmobile routes

• versatile activities in snow and nature

• wide range of restaurants and entertainment

• FIS alpine skiing world cup Levi


Versatile services and magnificent nature 

• golf course 

• parks and nature trails

• Lapland’s largest spa 

• wide selection of wellbeing services

• over 1000 lifetime experience products

• events throughout the year

• canoeing, fishing 

• hiking, cycling

• national park within the immediate vicinity

 • clean nature and outstanding nature experiences, northern lights, midnight sun, Europe’s cleanest air