Hotel Saariselkä & Sport Resort

The hotel development project is located at Saariselkä tourist resort in Northern Lapland in the municipality of Inari. The tourist resort is a close-knit population center next to the Urho Kekkonen national park surrounded by fjelds. The hotel development project and the sport resort is planned to be located on the Southern hillside of the best known fjeld of the Saariselkä region, Kaunispää, standing 438 meters tall (Architect’s blueprint, appendix 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3).

The infrastructure of the region, including the roads, streets and outdoor recreational trails, is complete.

The landowners of the Southern hillside of Kaunispää are the municipality of Inari and Metsähallitus. The hotel development project and the slopes are owned by the municipality of Inari.

According to the new zoning plan (August 29th 2012), permitted building volume of 160.000m2 will be positioned on the 160 hectare area on the hillside. Construction will be centralized on the hillsides of Kaunispää and Iisakkipää, in the close proximity of the Urho Kekkonen national park. The main objective is to create an area where tense nature experiences can be had at, or in the close proximity to, the lodging. The lodging combines the modern environmental requirements to the ease of leaving and returning in accordance to the ski-in/ski-out principle. 

The new Sport Resort will host Ski Saariselkä Ltd’s facilities, owned by the municipality of Inari, for ski rental, in addition to facilities for ticket sale, Ski Shop, equipment service, after ski restaurant and a bowling hall. Children’s outdoor park, Werneri Park, will be implemented in the service center also. 

The intention of Ski Saariselkä Ltd is to rent the premises of the Sport resort from the investor with a lease of 10 years.

The amount of tourism in Northern Lapland and Saariselkä is increasing. Registered overnightings in the Saariselkä region increased by 10 % in 2012. The number of overnightings by domestic tourists increased by 3 %, and overnightings by foreign tourists by 20 %. There has been a significant increase in the amount of traffic via the Ivalo airport, 12 % in 2011 and 16 % in 2012. 

The number of overnightings are expected to increase by 55 000 overnightings by 2015. The utilization level of the hotels has been 43 %. Due to the seasonal nature of the tourism in the region, the increase in the number of tourists cannot be met with the current hotel capacity. 

This means that the hotel capacity in Saariselkä needs to be increased. The hotel development project on the Southern hillside of Kaunispää covers approximately 42 000 overnightings of the increased need in hotel capacity (270 hotel rooms/utilization level 43 %).

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The extent of the planned project:

- permitted building volume 10 000 m2 (210-270 hotel rooms) 

- II-V floors

- the basement may be utilized to various uses (including spa)

- parking construction with 150 parking spaces

- parking deck with 100 parking spaces

- 68 parking spaces in the basement of the hotel

- aboveground parking lot with 110 parking spaces

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